2024 End of Financial Year Strategies

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Did you know that strategic financial planning before the end of the financial year can significantly boost your wealth and save on taxes? A study shows that 1.3 million Australians may be paying more tax than necessary.
Helen, a Certified Financial Planner, shares essential strategies in this comprehensive guide. Discover how to reduce capital gains tax, receive government-free money, and enhance your spouse’s super while receiving a tax offset. Helen’s guide also includes a detailed case study to illustrate the real-world application of these strategies, ensuring you can see the tangible benefits for yourself.
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2024 End of Financial Year Strategies
Financial Adviser Woolloongabba
Helen Nan


Helen Nan is a financial adviser, author, and founder of Compound Freedom. Despite her parents being educated professionals, they didn’t teach her good money management skills. After experiencing losses in the share market and facing failures, Helen realised she needed to learn more to become a successful investor. This realisation led her to enter the financial planning industry.
Specialised in tax-effective investment strategies, superannuation, including Self-Managed Superannuation and ethical investing, Helen has used her skills to help hundreds of clients achieve financial freedom and early retirement. Over the past 13 years, her articles, book, and commentary have been featured in the Australian Financial Review, Money Magazine, The Inside Network, and Professional Planner.


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